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Post by RRT on Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:03 am

Source: farmville comminuty
Author: Lexilicious Lexilicious, Community Manager
Date: 6/10/10

Fuel Promotion:

FarmVille wants to thank our users for signing up for email! For a limited time only, we will be giving out fuel that you can only claim through email.

You will receive 1 email a day for the next two weeks containing free fuel. Make sure you claim your offer quickly because each fuel bonus expires within a day. (24 hours)

To participate in this feature, you must be level 12 or above.

The best part of this special promotion? You can get up to 3 tanks of fuel each time!

Please note: This feature is currently only available to a certain group of randomly selected users. It will be available to all users in the near future.

Limited Edition Island items:

* Spider Monkey - 18 Farm Cash
* Tree Village - 42 Farm Cash
* Island Shanty – 55,000 Coins
* Island Resort - 36 Farm Cash
* Hot Pink Flamingo - 12 Farm Cash
* Island Stage - 14 Farm Cash
* Island Totem – 25,000 Coins
* Island Grill – 30,000 Coins
* Sand Hammock – 20,000 Coins
* Sky Hammock – 20,000Coins
* Bamboo Fence – 5,500 Coins

Limited Edition Crop:

Pink Hibiscus - Level 23, 140 Coins, Grow time: 22 hours, XP-2

Limited Edition soccer items:

* Referee Cow - 14 Farm Cash
* Kick Ewe - 14 Farm Cash
* Soccer Field - 32 Farm Cash

New Co-op:

Tea Party - Grow Green Tea and Sugar Cane for a Tea Party

To start this new Co-op, you must be level 31. To join this co-op, you must be at least level 28.

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